What do people have to say about Rick?

“Rick has worked Fremont Street Experience events many times. He adds a new dimension to the events. He relates well with our guests and visitors to the Street. He is high energy, polite, and very talented stilt walker. Hire him if you need a great showman.”

Len Turner
Director of Entertainment Operations
Fremont Street Experience
Las Vegas, NV

"What a fabulous addition to our Classic Car Show!!!  Rick was such a hit at our event.  People lingered longer and loved interacting with him as he danced to the music and talked to the young and not-so-young!  His talent is highly amazing!  We look forward to having him back next season."

--Apache Wells HOA, Mesa, AZ

"I am writing to recommend the services of Rick Daly from Rhythm In Motion. He has performed with our organization on 4 different occasions and is always a big hit. We cannot say enough about him. When people find out he will be at an event they cannot wait to see him! His dancing is spectacular. He really makes a difference and puts smiles on everyone's faces. He truly loves what he is doing and it shows in his interactions with others. He has a special heart for people with disabilities and our clients love him.

I feel confident in recommending Rick’s services. He will add another element to your activity or event. He is enthusiastic and brings his passion to every dance move.

Rick Rocks!!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at 480-730-4221 or dawnhocking@tch-az.com."

Dawn Hocking
TCH (The Centers for Habilitation)
Director of Development

"In July of 2008 I was at a Diamondbacks game with a 70's theme.   All of a sudden below me on the stairs, there was this bigger than life character - he had to be 10 ft tall and had an Afro wig on.... and a smile from ear to ear!!   He was dancing and the crowd just loved him.   After he went back into the main concourse, I had to go see who this wonderful character was.   What a wonderful dancer / crowd pleaser / person this man is!!!"

Sheila K Hall 

“RIM or “Stilt Man”, as we lovingly refer to him, is a wonderful addition to any event.  His energy is contagious and customers driving by turn around and come back to the dealership to see what is going on.  Kids and adults alike find him very entertaining and he has quickly become part of the Chester’s Harley-Davidson family!”

Debbie Metcalfe
Office Manager
Chester's Harley-Davidson

“Our company was fortunate to have RIM provide his astounding performance at our annual holiday party, where he completely and immediately became the center of attention. His unbelievable balance on his stilts, combined with his amazing dance moves and energetic personality were truly amazing! His performance was both professional and incredible!”

Margie Luster
Director of Operations
Caruso Turley Scott, Inc.

“Rick is an excellent performer and has a big heart. He loves people and it shows in his work. I would recommend him to perform at any event!”

Dawn Hocking
HR/Development Specialist at TCH/The Centers for Habilitation

“Rick is a man of great passion and integrity. He has a passion for life that is only shadowed by the passion he has for his wife. Rick has been through and then risen above things that would make a lesser man stumble. His enthusiasm shows in every performance he does. He loves to entertain the crowds and make everyone feel as if they are part of the show. I would recommend Rick Daly for any event you may have, from entertaining the crowd to speaking on why you should NEVER let go of your dreams.”

Kathy Gniadek
Entrepreneurial Adventure Geek, TLC Virtual Assistants

“I hired Rick and a few other perfomers in Vegas to do a little video with me and Rick "Stood above the Rest" and What a nice guy, followed direction perfectly, a consummate performer."

Brett Mullins
Arcata CA.

“Rick is a great entertainer. He truly loves what he does, and it's easy to see how much he enjoys every minute! With our without his stilts, he can entertain 1 or 100. His smile is joyful and infectious, and you can't be around Rick without enjoying yourself.

If you have an event where you need to draw people in, or just want them to be entertained, Rick Daly will do a superb job!”

Linda Wilson
Your World Our Lens
Denver, CO

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