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    Do you have a message that you would like delivered in a fun and unique way to someone special in your life? If you're in the Phoenix metro area, why not let RICK deliver your message, flowers, gift basket, balloons, Get Well card, or whatever... in his own bigger-than-life "Rick Daly" way via a "STILT-O-GRAM!!!"

    He is available for - and thoroughly enjoys - a variety of events, from biker events to fundraisers, birthday parties and wedding receptions, to events for people with special needs. See below for contact info, and get him booked for YOUR event.


    Watch these 84 seconds and you will get a GRAND idea of why this man is called
    "Stilt Entertainer Extraordinaire!"

    This video was filmed and edited by Dennis Greminger, Jr., and the song is, "Love I Need" by FORD from his newest album, Psychonaut and is used with his permission.

    Annual "Best Day Ever" for Rick
    November 2, 2012
    Kiwanis Kids Day at the AZ State Fair

    We are always SO GRATEFUL to be a part of this event! Rick would do this every day if he could... I do believe that events that are for and include people with special needs are the events that are the most fulfilling for Rick.

    Rick Daly


    Rhythm In Motion

    is available for a variety of events... including YOURS. :-) 
    Get in touch for a quote and scheduling. Phoenix, Arizona

    • Forty years of experience - the man KNOWS what he is doing!
    • Insurance certificate provided upon request.

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