Dancing Across America

Due to some unforeseen um... happenings...
Rick's Dancing Across America Tour ended in June 2013 in Denver.

Please see below for a description of what we had hoped the Dancing Across America for People With Special Needs tour would be.

We're a bit bummed that we had to end it basically before it really started. However, we are now enjoying being back home in Phoenix.


Dancing Across America
People With Special Needs
has officially been LAUNCHED!!!

On Friday March 22, 2013 Rick Daly was the featured performer in the Opening Ceremonies for Special Olympics Arizona's State Basketball and Cheer competitions!!

It was every bit as amazing as we expected it to be, and our experience at that event served as real PROOF for us that Rick IS living his Calling as we head out on the road.

Below is the video of his Opening Ceremonies performance. There is more video of other parts of that evening. They have been uploaded to YouTube and all six of them made into a playlist. To see that, and some great photos of that event, please click right here.

I am so very, very proud to be married to this amazing man, and to witness over and over again the connection that he has with these equally amazing "differently-abled" human beings who live - and love - so completely from their wide-open hearts!

"It's time to put my talents to use... in service to others."
RIM (Rick Daly)

In March of 2010, Rim's Dream began as a simple wish to entertain on his stilts on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. That Dream has changed... it has GROWN and DEEPENED to become a desire to travel the United States, gifting his time and his talent to charity events that benefit people with Special Needs.

Being on the Ellen Show is no longer his ultimate goal - as it was back then - but has become one of the many things that he would like to achieve as he travels the road, living the much bigger Dream of being in service to those people who inspire him the most.

(He actually WAS shown on the Ellen Show a couple of times in early 2012, so he HAS lived a version of his Dream. See below for the video clips of that experience.)

Dancing Across America includes - but is by no means limited to - traveling the US, entertaining on his stilts:

  • "Dancing For Gas" -- Rick and his wife, the Reverend Sandra Anne Daly, are traveling in their motor home, Betty Lou. Betty Lou really really really really likes gasoline... a lot! Which means that sometimes it is necessary (not to mention FUN) for Rick to strap on his legs and entertain for gas money so they will make it to their next destination.
  • visiting facilities that care for people with special needs, sharing his Joyful self with clients and residents (This IS his absolute favorite thing to do!)
  • at local charity events that benefit those with special needs in whichever city he happens to be
  • being a part of events such as the Special Olympics
  • connecting with Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions Clubs around the US
  • visiting local places of interest, wherever he happens to be
Rim's Dancing Across America for People With Special Needs Tour officially began on Friday March 22, 2013 when he was a part of Special Olympics Arizona State Basketball and Cheer Opening Ceremonies in Mesa, Arizona. And then, on April 1st, he and I and our three dogs climbed back into Betty Lou and are now living another Leap of Faith as we're back out on the road again, taking one thing at a time and trusting all things to work out, having UPLEVELED Dancing Across America to something very meaningful... this added dimension of being in Service.


In early 2012 a version of Rick's Dream came true for him.... He was shown ON TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS WITHIN THREE WEEKS dancing (on his feet) on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!!
This one is self-explanatory...

The other one was an "Ellen's Audience is Naughty" clip that is no longer available on Youtube. However, our wonderful and supportive friends at the Tempe Rio Salado Rotary Club have created a great SPOOF video (below) that includes some of the "Naughty Audience" clip. We love our Rotary friends!

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